Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Soooo today I got two new polishes!

piCturepOlish this one gets better with age! Antique.

This light purple shimmer polish is nothing short of amazing. The base is a delicate lilac holds tiny silver and purple glitters. It is smooth to the touch once dried and has a smooth application as well. It really is an onecoater – but you know… two coats here, just for good measurement! This is so gorgeous and delicate and I want to take it off. I imagne it would be perfect for nailart. Maybe this along with a good nude. I don’t have my tape yet (how long can it take already!?) but when I get it! Oooohh I got a lot of ideas for this one!

Shown here is two coats with no topcoat.

This picture is two coats with topcoat. 

My new topcoat! Yay! I was afraid that the shimmer and glitter would be damaged by the topcoat, therefor two pics. But luckily it survived and got even more shiny.
I love it! It is HK girl Fast drying & super shiny clear top coat from Glisten & Glow.

It is so thin and easy to apply and I don’t know why I even have the Seche Vite fast dry topcoat. Oh yeah, it was alright. In the beginning that is. I have only used the HK girl topcoat once so far, so when I have used it some more I will give a better review of it!