I'm Selina, as you might can guess. My new found love for polish really started when I traveled in China the summer of 2013. I went about there for 6 weeks without polish and it drove me crazy that I didn't even had the option to put it on. Before that I rarely wore polish, but when it's taken away from you, you need it. So I bought the prettiest polish in the airport and put it on in a restaurant while waiting for my flight.

My sister introduced me to Instagram - and there I found some polish lovers. I started posting nails on my personal account, then I figured that my friends on there didn't really care for the spamming of nails.. So ofc I started @nailsbyselina. I think I started that in late October and now by March I all ready have more than 220 followers! This is huge to me! 

I find a lot of inspiration on IG. Through IG I fund Pinterest. Yes.. I'm like light years behind on technology, but I'm getting the hang of it!

Haha, now it sounds like I'm 70 and have never used a telephone till now. Girls! I'm only 20! Yes I know! 

I'm studying chinese language and asia related business at CBS (Copenhagen Business School) out of this guess where I'm from. Denmark! 

I get all of my polish stuff online since I think it's so expensive and I'm you know.. Studying..

Well.. Do you want to know anything just ask! Selinasnails@gmail.com