Friday, 14 March 2014


I’ve got some pretty pretty polishes for you today guys! They are from the new collection called: April Showers Bring May Flowers.

eat.sleep.polish - Sidewalk Strider 

The first one up is also my favourite of the two I got. It’s called Sidewalk Strider and reminds me of summer and the beach!
The base is sand-ish and the formula is fabulous! It has a gold shimmer that reflects the sun perfectly and that is part of the reason I love it so much. Then comes the gadgets. Bits and pieces of black particles in different sizes that mixes with the base and is really smooth. Tiny black squares, white and light pink circles is the finish to this polish. I don’t know if they are meant to be glitters, but mine don’t glitter. I don’ t mind though  - I like this finish.  It could just stand on its own with the sand base and gold shimmer but I like the polish sooo much! I would love to own both.

These are three layers and two topcoat (hkgirl) In direct sunlight and under a lamp.

eat.sleep.polish - Grasshoppa

Now I got this green polish called Grasshoppa. Gotta love that name!
I’m not one for green polish and especially not grass-green ones. But this is no ordinary one. I think I would actually were this. Like… on its own and not only for a swatch. I like it THAT much! It’s a pastel green base with gold shimmer (GOD I’m a sucker for gold shimmer!) thrown into this base, in a mess, is square greens, tiny deep pink circles, a bit lighter pink and a bit bigger circles  and again the largest of the circles is a light light pink.  A few hex in light green and pinks can be spotted if you are lucky!
Girls.. This is no ordinary polish. Opaque in two coats this beauty is a must-have for the spring/summer. Perfect for a walk in the sun!

This is two coats and two topcoats (hkgirl)

If you want to buy any of these two polishes (or any other of her lovely polishes) This is her site with international shipping girls! :