Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Depend first impression and review

Hi dolls.. Long time, no see!

I hope you are all folowing me on Instagram, since that's where I'm most active! 

On instagram, I won a giveaway from Depend Cosmetics! I got a bunch of their new products from their new O2 series. I figured I'd do a blogpost about my thoughts and stuff. So prepare for a Picture heavy post!

What I won:

  • 5 new mini nail polishes
  • Dip in nail polish remover 
  • Topcoat
  • Basecoat
  • Mudmask
  • 3-in-1 cube containing
    • Cuticle peeling
    • Grape and avocado nail oil
    • Hand and cuticle cream 
    • A little nail scrubber
    • Nail file
    • Orange stick 

The cube thing, is acutally called "3-step action nail care kit" - But I'm gonna call it a cube anyway! 

It's packed very carefully and I loooove it! 

Okay.. So I was (Ofc!!) already wearing nailpolish, and had to remove that. Smart enough - I could test out the dip-in polish remover! 
I kid you not. It. is. AMAZING! Literally just one dip and my creme polish came of! It is faster than pure acetone - and it doesn't even contain acetone! I took my texture polish off with acetone (no need to spoil the great dip-in remover just yet! Usually texture rips the sponge apart, and I did not want that! 

ah.. clean! 

I wanted to try everything right away. 

I started with the peeling thing and scrubbed away with the scrubber and then pushed back my cuticles with the orange stick. 

Then i oiled up - it smells wonderful! 

And lastly I creamed up. I think this is the right order to do it. It was kinda what I could read on the cube. But it was in Swedish, and I'm Danish, so I'm not totally sure. It would have been nice to have it in Danish or even just English on the box.

Then i used the polish: base, color and topcoat. This.. I am not impressed of! The brush is wonderful but the formula.. meeh... The colors are a bit runny, so even after I laid it on the nail, it ran to my cuticles. The topcoat is very thin. Even though i put a lot of polish on the brush I still got color on the topcoatbrush. Very strange. I don't like the finished look of this mani. But the care products I really like! 

That's it. 

- until next time lovies!