Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Depend first impression and review

Hi dolls.. Long time, no see!

I hope you are all folowing me on Instagram, since that's where I'm most active! 

On instagram, I won a giveaway from Depend Cosmetics! I got a bunch of their new products from their new O2 series. I figured I'd do a blogpost about my thoughts and stuff. So prepare for a Picture heavy post!

What I won:

  • 5 new mini nail polishes
  • Dip in nail polish remover 
  • Topcoat
  • Basecoat
  • Mudmask
  • 3-in-1 cube containing
    • Cuticle peeling
    • Grape and avocado nail oil
    • Hand and cuticle cream 
    • A little nail scrubber
    • Nail file
    • Orange stick 

The cube thing, is acutally called "3-step action nail care kit" - But I'm gonna call it a cube anyway! 

It's packed very carefully and I loooove it! 

Okay.. So I was (Ofc!!) already wearing nailpolish, and had to remove that. Smart enough - I could test out the dip-in polish remover! 
I kid you not. It. is. AMAZING! Literally just one dip and my creme polish came of! It is faster than pure acetone - and it doesn't even contain acetone! I took my texture polish off with acetone (no need to spoil the great dip-in remover just yet! Usually texture rips the sponge apart, and I did not want that! 

ah.. clean! 

I wanted to try everything right away. 

I started with the peeling thing and scrubbed away with the scrubber and then pushed back my cuticles with the orange stick. 

Then i oiled up - it smells wonderful! 

And lastly I creamed up. I think this is the right order to do it. It was kinda what I could read on the cube. But it was in Swedish, and I'm Danish, so I'm not totally sure. It would have been nice to have it in Danish or even just English on the box.

Then i used the polish: base, color and topcoat. This.. I am not impressed of! The brush is wonderful but the formula.. meeh... The colors are a bit runny, so even after I laid it on the nail, it ran to my cuticles. The topcoat is very thin. Even though i put a lot of polish on the brush I still got color on the topcoatbrush. Very strange. I don't like the finished look of this mani. But the care products I really like! 

That's it. 

- until next time lovies! 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Dripdrop awaaay

An other - yet no where near perfect - drip drop ombrè. Well.. This is what happens when you only have 16 drip drops. It's more of a skittle actually 😂  But I love all the polishes so much!

Right to left:
Stairway To Heaven
Prototype #697
Morning Glory
Prototype #255

Stairway has a wonderful whitish base with a hint of light pink with gold, dark pink and bright pink glitter in it. It's a bit tricky to get the bigger glitters to go on smoothly, so I fished a bit for them. This is the polish that started all my drip drops.. I have all in all bought four bottles of it. The first two got lost in the male with a bad mule.. The next two got perfectly through and I gifted one to my IG bestie Sarah @se.. So, I worked hard for it. And I really like it! 😅

Next is my second favorite drip drop. Prototype #697. I think you should make a big batch of this and keep it in store Jessica. I think others would love it too! Here's why: it has a perfect lilac base. It creme, it goes on like a dream! The hot pink glitter makes it pop! There's hexagons and squares in there for ya all! Big dark purple squares keeps the polish calm and then there's added tiny glitter in different purple/pink shades that really binds it together. It goes on like a dream! I did have to fish for a big purple one, but I certainly don't mind. And when doing all ten nails, no fishing is needed, there'll come one up one some of the nails. Just lovely!

Morning Glory.. Oh what Glory! It has a great formula. The purple-lilacihsh creme base is gorgeous in it self and then it's added small glitter of different shades of blues and purples. It's a delight. 

The last one in this mani, prototype #255, isn't my favorite. The base is a black jelly and it builds easily. It has purple glitters in it, but it builds like a texture and this I didn't like that, and even with a topcoat, it's still a bit bumpy. 
I topped it all with my lovely @glistenandglow1 #hkgirltopcoat and cleaned up with my @joliepolish #cleanupbrush #joliepolishbrush 
#dripdropnailpaint #dripdrop #dripdroparmy #ombre #purplemani #purple #skittle @dripdropnailpaint 

Friday, 20 March 2015

Dripdropnailpaint #inlove

This is an ombrè of dripdrops! After posting my dripdrop army the other day, I fell into a dripdrop mode. You'll see a couple of dripdrop manis the coming days! I love these! 

Light pink: Pink Ferrari
Light purple: Royal Bling
Medium purple: a prototype called #699 
Dark purple: Plums the word. 

Pink Ferrari feels jelly like and it's a bit patchy, but with a little work it builds beautifully! I wouldn't say it's really pink.. More like white with a drop of pink. I like it still though! 😀

Royal Bling is my all time favorite purple. And that says a bit. I have more than 50 purples and this one is the love of my life. If I could only just use one polish the rest of my life. This would be it. It has this subtle holo to it. It's a perfect creme. I love it. 😍

#699 feels jelly but builds like a perfect creme. Two layers and I'm good to go!

Plums the word again.. Feels jelly but builds like a creme. 

I topped it all with my lovely @glistenandglow1 #hkgirltopcoat and cleaned up with my @joliepolish #cleanupbrush 


Loves Xoxo