Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Happy Monday!

So I've been part of this group on Facebook, called happy Monday, for some time now.. And it's a weekly challenge for a group of Danish bloggers. I was super exited that I was let in to this group of talented girls! But life happens and I've not done any of the weeks yet! I know... Shame on me!

But now I'm here! And this weeks challenge was match ootd!
I was wearing this beautiful summer dress, and I just went with something simple on my nails, matching the colors. I wasn't feeling up for the big flowery things on my nails.

Inside in shade
There's not any purple in the polishes, it's just the reflection of my iPhone cover ;)


The polishes used are both O.P.I, the nude is my vampire is buff, a really gorgeous pale nude. It has a hint of peach in it, that I really like! Oh.. The gold is called glitzerland.

I used a dotting tool for the hearts and regular and striping tape for the lines. This design is totally coming from one of my favorite nail artists: @sinney at Instagram.

Hope you like it, and do check out what the other girls did.


Sunday, 25 May 2014

piCture pOlish - lizzie

Lizzie is a pale lilac glitter, with a subtle scattered holo. Application was easy, even though the formula was a bit on the thin side. Now, I know I'm not a master of polish application (yet) but this particular one I had problems with. It was kinda running, but not quite that. It's difficult to explain, but I had polish places I've never had polish before 😂
I was surprised after all this, that it had very good coverage. I got away with two coats and I like it very much! I'd say it's definitely worth the trouble.

I did accents with piCture pOlish antique just to compare the two of them, and I really like how they complement each other. When you look at swatches of one and then the other, or in the bottle they seem quite similar, but in the polish world: it's rarely a dupe! Lizzie is like mentioned before a lilac glitter where as antique is an actually purple.  

For the single shevron I used #nailvinyls from nailvinyls.com or at Instagram @teismom. I really recommend trying these out ;) 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

piCture pOlish - shocked

Today I finally got to wear my new picture polish! I'm so exited! I got three new ones: pirouette, Hussy and Shocked. 
So today I put in shocked. And that was what I was. Shocked! It is so beautiful in the bottle and sure.. It's pretty on my nails. But I just don't like it. I have no idea why and it actually bothers me that I don't like it on my own nails. In the sun it has beautiful glitter and shimmer in it. Nothing you can feel in the formula. Something I can't understand either. Why can't I feel it? It's a deep and rich pink color really good for the summer I think. The application was a bit weird for me. I found that I needed three coats for full coverage.
Shown is three coats over one coat of depend - peel off base coat and topped with glisten&glow HKgirl fast drying topcoat.

Outside in the evening 

Outside in direct sunlight 

Inside under a daylight lamp.

This is the picture I took when I first got these three.. I'm haveing a real hard time getting a picture that shows the true color of shocked. But for me: it's still prettier in the bottle than on the nail. Some magic just gets lost on the way?
Maybe try with white under? I'll try that some day and update this post then! :)