Monday, 30 June 2014

Russian airport and polish

Too bad! O.P.I and loreal Paris colore riche are almost the same prices as in Denmark. I feel sorta cheated!

On the bright side: I saw a chinese lady with really pretty nails, and I think I'm gonna do that design some day! :D

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Blank nail canvas

I found this awesome girl, who not only does beautiful nails, but she made a sketch of nails, so you easily can draw your designs without all of that irritating drawing of the actual nails and fingers. For me that's what've kept me from drawing a lot of designs. That the fingers get so damn crooked :b

I've already used mine and I'm deff gonna print out more!

At IG she is known as @nailsbyjema and her blog is: 

Isn't it amazing? Thank you for doing these!

Click here to get to her blog to download it :) 


Thursday, 26 June 2014

I'm going to China!

Hi fella's! So on Monday I'm traveling to Beijing. I'm gonna be gone for a month. Not that I post that much anyways.. Lol! Ill only have four polishes with me for this trip, as I'm counting on buying some (ALOT) polish there! Anyways.. Jump on over to my new blog about life if you wanna read all about how hard I'm sure my life is gonna be! Haha :) Loves xx

Monday, 2 June 2014

Happy Monday!

Sooo here I am. Again! Woot woot? Yesh! It's a thing! And this weeks happy Monday is neons. I'm not really into neons... But I just happened to have some. I bought my own china glaze - pink voltage, there was a killer offer on them. There was really nothing I could do :b

The other three is some opi mini neons I had given to me by my very sweet friend Sarah. 
The yellow is O.P.I - Ridiculously Yellow
The pink is O.P.I - Riotously Pink
The orange is O.P.I - Formidably Orange

I got the O.P.I pink on my pointer and the CG on my ring.
The O.P.I is darker than the CG.

 I have O.P.I - Alpine Snow under all of them, and it's one layer of neon topped with some seche ;) 

That's all for now. I don't expect to use neons again, any time soon.