Friday, 20 March 2015

Dripdropnailpaint #inlove

This is an ombrè of dripdrops! After posting my dripdrop army the other day, I fell into a dripdrop mode. You'll see a couple of dripdrop manis the coming days! I love these! 

Light pink: Pink Ferrari
Light purple: Royal Bling
Medium purple: a prototype called #699 
Dark purple: Plums the word. 

Pink Ferrari feels jelly like and it's a bit patchy, but with a little work it builds beautifully! I wouldn't say it's really pink.. More like white with a drop of pink. I like it still though! 😀

Royal Bling is my all time favorite purple. And that says a bit. I have more than 50 purples and this one is the love of my life. If I could only just use one polish the rest of my life. This would be it. It has this subtle holo to it. It's a perfect creme. I love it. 😍

#699 feels jelly but builds like a perfect creme. Two layers and I'm good to go!

Plums the word again.. Feels jelly but builds like a creme. 

I topped it all with my lovely @glistenandglow1 #hkgirltopcoat and cleaned up with my @joliepolish #cleanupbrush 


Loves Xoxo