Sunday, 25 May 2014

piCture pOlish - lizzie

Lizzie is a pale lilac glitter, with a subtle scattered holo. Application was easy, even though the formula was a bit on the thin side. Now, I know I'm not a master of polish application (yet) but this particular one I had problems with. It was kinda running, but not quite that. It's difficult to explain, but I had polish places I've never had polish before 😂
I was surprised after all this, that it had very good coverage. I got away with two coats and I like it very much! I'd say it's definitely worth the trouble.

I did accents with piCture pOlish antique just to compare the two of them, and I really like how they complement each other. When you look at swatches of one and then the other, or in the bottle they seem quite similar, but in the polish world: it's rarely a dupe! Lizzie is like mentioned before a lilac glitter where as antique is an actually purple.  

For the single shevron I used #nailvinyls from or at Instagram @teismom. I really recommend trying these out ;)