Monday, 2 June 2014

Happy Monday!

Sooo here I am. Again! Woot woot? Yesh! It's a thing! And this weeks happy Monday is neons. I'm not really into neons... But I just happened to have some. I bought my own china glaze - pink voltage, there was a killer offer on them. There was really nothing I could do :b

The other three is some opi mini neons I had given to me by my very sweet friend Sarah. 
The yellow is O.P.I - Ridiculously Yellow
The pink is O.P.I - Riotously Pink
The orange is O.P.I - Formidably Orange

I got the O.P.I pink on my pointer and the CG on my ring.
The O.P.I is darker than the CG.

 I have O.P.I - Alpine Snow under all of them, and it's one layer of neon topped with some seche ;) 

That's all for now. I don't expect to use neons again, any time soon.